How did it all start!?

It all started when I shifted to a new place for college! Pune made me realize how much I love food. I started to expand my food horizons, pestered and dragged people to new places.

During college Sunday nights was a joy to the hostelers, the mess shuts and we get to eat outside without guilt!

I was the food search engine back then too!! Deciding affordable places which provides good food was not an easy task especially for a person who does not have a small appetite.

Back then, I simply couldn’t wait to try a different eatery each time and then write [WhatsApp existed but I am old fashioned like that :D]about it to my friends back home.

Time flew by but the love for food is the same and growing strong.

My friends get furious for making them wait till I get the perfect click, but I strongly believe in spreading love 😉 Fair isn’t it?

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  1. Rajshekhar says:


    I am writing to you on behalf of Five Star Chicken, leading fast food brand in India.

    Adapting to the local taste, flavor and developing products that appeals to masses has been one of the key strengths of the brand. Five Star has wide range of vegetarian products as well such as classic veggie burger, veg fingers, chole rolls, biryani, parathas, chocolate samosa to name a few.

    With a growing network of stores Five Star Chicken is becoming a strong neighborhood brand offering great quality chicken at affordable prices to all consumers. The brand offers a wide range of chicken recipes/menu in spicy Indian flavors as well as other Asian and Thai flavors.

    Request you to please share your contact details with me so that I can touch base with you on behalf of Five Star and also other clients.

    Best Regards,
    Rajshekhar Rajkhowa


    1. Please share your e-mail address and may I know how exactly I can help you?


  2. themoviebuffs7 says:


    Hope this message finds you well.

    Trying to get in touch with you, could you please share your email address?



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