Maggie and a hostelier go hand in hand. The best friend you turn to when mess food is bad! A kind of friend who is always there for you

Why the Maggie sentiments suddenly? Well I went to a Maggie centered cafe.

Located in Kodambakkam, the place is easy to spot but parking cars would be a tough task.

Well the place is done with low chairs with no backrest so if your visiting after a long day at work… Good luck trying to sit comfortably.

It is a semi self-service place, where you can place your order and pay at the counter, the food will be delivered to our respective table.

We ordered Monaco Toppings, Broccoli Maggie, Harabhara Maggie and an Arrabiata pasta.

The Monaco toppings are nothing but monaco biscuits covered in shredded cheese!


The pasta was a grave mistake! Excess oil and sauce made the pasta unbearable to eat.


Though we ordered two kinds of Maggie, both looked and tasted the same! They were all green in colour with peas and small pieces of broccoli.


 Though the place is very pocket friendly, but we did not have a pleasant experience with Maggevala.


Guess the hostelier steak in me has faded!

Maggevala Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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