Mezze is a fresh straw amongst Italian cafe and full meals restaurants. The middle eastern cuisine left us excited for something new especially when the menu did not make any sense to me 😁 except for hummus and Falafel.

The place is small with seating for twenty. White and blue combination of walls and chairs always have a queer charming way to the heart.


We ordered Dukkah mushrooms and Spanakopita for starters.

Harissa fish and lahmajon pizza for main course.

Well after seeing the quantity served we ordered Paneer shawarma and roasted vegetables and hummus sandwich.

The Spanakopita are spinach rolled butter fried cigars served with sweet onions. It’s not the usual instant click of flavour but different. The spinach was still green though it was fried outside.


The Dukkah mushrooms is a simple dish with mushrooms mixed with some simple spices.


The harissa fish was something we adored. It was served with pita bread, french fries, pickled onions and a mayo based dip. The marinated dish made a good combination with the dip and bread.


The pizza was also good with thin crust. We added extra veggies to our pizza. The cheese and the veggies made it a good combination.


The panner shawarma was served as a platter with pita bread paneer sauteed in spices, pickled onions and hummus. The spices are very suttle that it doesn’t satisfy the indian taste buds.


The roasted vegetables and hummus sandwich was also served with fries. Sadly I do not remember how it tasted.


Finally, we planned to have one chocolate cake but it was soo good it went up to having three pieces of chocolate cake 😁😂😎


Mezze challenges all aspects of Indian food consumption both quantity wise as well as the spice wise in the food.


The quantity is very limited and our eyes play trick games regarding how full we feel.

The total bill for five people came to a total of INR 2,368.


Pricing of starters are definitely expensive for the quantity served. But for the main course the pricing is nominal.

Mezze Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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