Cafe 23

Every six months I have an exam where I perform miserably. But I still look forward to it because after the end of the last exam, my school friends and I make it a point to meet no matter what (has worked out till date)



And this time we chose Café 23, since it was the last weekend of the year, the place was packed and we got a table in the inside seating area. Purple cushioned sofas and the lights made the place very elite and totally opposite of what I saw in the pictures.


Since they did not have the first two dishes I asked for, my friend took on that task and ordered gunpowder fish fingers, shredded chicken French fries, a chocolate shake and a BBQ pizza.

The wait time for the food to arrive was really long! The gunpowder fish fingers were the first to come and it was served with French fries a dip. The dip was hinted with the sour lemon taste. Though they called it gun powder fish fingers, I did not taste any fierce power of the gun powder and it was absolutely normal :/


The shredded chicken was served next, the fries had melted cheese and the shredded chicken, all served with tomato sauce. We preferred the fries better.


The chocolate milkshake was one drink I simply adored! It played as the perfect comfort food. Of all the dishes we ordered, the shake was dearly missed when it got over 😀


The pizza was thin crust with a lot of olives, capsicum, onions, chicken pieces and cheese off course.


I understand it was the New Year’s wind that the place was packed but the service was so poor, we had to walk inside every time when we needed anything. Even if we had walked out without paying our bill, we would have comfortably reached home before they realised!

The Bill rounded up to INR 1,100/-

Worth the whole experience? Still confused about it

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Eskay says:

    seeing the pics, I guess it was worth it!


    1. @eskay Looks can be very deceptive! I’m not saying it was totally not worth it, but not even one dish got me thinking “I have to come here again to eat this again”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Eskay says:

    Okay, will keep that in mind while using Zomato next time!

    Liked by 1 person

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