Went in with a lot of excitement walked out with a lot of disappointment! 

Tovo in the past few years has opened up three branches and I remember going to Mylapore branch years back and absolutely loving it, hoping the same we went to Anna Nagar branch.

I liked the whole brown vintage look done to this place. Their starters menu is not very sharing friendly as all their dishes comes in three pieces or as a roll. Another disappointing element was that they had ran out of fish!


We ordered for Tovo Chicken Skewers and Cheese slabs from the starters, Chilli peppery infused chicken from the steaks and Egg’dge, pulled meat bun and tripple cheese veg burger from the burgers.

The food took a decent amount of time to be served. First up was the Chicken skewers, with the term “skewers” used, very naturally I assumed it would be served with them, but it wasn’t! Anyway leaving that minor detail aside, the chicken was a tough but the masala and onions in which it was cooked was good, not very spicy but the oil used was on the higher side.


The Cheese slabs made me realize that the earlier dish was better! there was a rectangular veg patty served with hot melted cheese over it. Though the cheese part was good, the patty was not particularly enjoyed.


The steak was better in terms of the tangy sauce and the pepper but the chicken again was tough and oil was high!


Amongst all the burgers, we loved the Egg’dge, a burger based with egg and minced meat and cheese. All the burgers served were hot.

The tripple cheese burger, true to it’s name is an overdose of melted yellow cheese with caramelized onions and patty.



The 3 burgers, 2 starters and 1 steak amounted to approximately INR 2000. The starters are priced almost equally to the burgers which leaves me in shock :/

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  1. jayadevka says:

    Tovo literally has the best meats in Chennai ! great blog btw 😀


    1. Thank you very much 🙂 Tovo used to be my favourite when they started… but this visit left me disappointed!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. jayadevka says:

        oh really ? have you tried the infusion one? they have pretty good infusion steaks !


      2. jayadevka says:

        hey and btw,do check out my blog. and if you like it,do follow 🙂


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