Malaysian Eats

After Singapore we took a bus to Malaysia. On the six hours journey, when they halted for a brief time, the first time I saw when I got out was tiny stalls selling food😍
They had a fruit stall and a Bao stall. We can have fruits anywhere right? I settled for Bao.

They had Bao with potato/chicken/beef stuffing. The chicken Bao costed 4 Ringgit.
I have had Bao only in India and the authentic Bao is no where close to the Indian version!

The Bao is always on the steamer because the bread is a pinch sticky. The whole Bao is closed and the filling is not spicy but mashed and bland. I did not find any chicken pieces but I could taste the meat, for a minute I thought the seller had given potato stuffed Bao instead. I still haven’t figured it out 🤣

My mum had a chicken burger which was soo good! All I got was a bite 🤤 the burger was 3 Ringgit.

Though I was all sport for trying the local cuisine, after four days in a foreign country, the joy of getting proper South Indian meals was a relief 😬
After visiting Batu caves, where Lord Murugan stands tall, we had full vegetarian meals served in banana leaf! Im not sure if the food was really good or I was just deprived of good sambar and rasam!


Our next stop was Genting island which boasts of world’s largest “First World Hotel”. While the cold weather is a relief after a humid Singapore, it is also a very expensive place.

Malaysia seem to be in love with buns. I had their chicken floss bun. I expected a chicken stuffing but the “Floss” on top of the bun is the stealer element. Floss is the very fine chicken layers which is stuck to the bun with the help of mayonnaise. The bun is soft and the flavour of the floss is good.


I also had a yellow watermelon!! All my life I never knew there were yellow watermelons! But the taste is same as the red watermelons.


And finally at the airport I got some chicken wings.

Though I did not have an elaborate Malaysian cuisine I did manage sneak peaks


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