Only when you fall sick, all the fantasy cravings kicks in. One such craving was for choupsey!!

After due recovery, we were supposed to lunch at Canton on a Saturday but, unable to go there, I ordered in instead but to my disappointment it was not the tangy one I wanted.


So the next week, I made sure I wouldn’t be disappointed this time, so dined in and asked him which one would by tangy and spicy. On his suggestion we got schezwan choupsey. We also got chilli garlic noodles and fresh lime juice.

The place is small and can seat up to 20 people comfortably.


For the first time I fell in love with the sweet and salt fresh lime it has always been salt! New love has been found 😉


The food was served within ten minutes. The choupsey had fried noodles in one bowl and the gravy in another.


Well the thick soup had a very indian touch to it but it did satisfy my craving. Not the best or authentic choupsey but it can definitely pass as a choupsey.

The chili garlic noodles was spicy, as its name suggests, the noodles were thin and good.



Location: Complex opposite to sterling road bus stop and the same complex where mcrennett is situated.

Cost: The bill amount was INR 550!! It has been very long since I have been to place which serves huge quantity and nominally priced at the same time.

Parking: Car parking is available inside the complex for a parking ticket of INR 20. There are good chances for complex parking to be full but the staff takes care of it.

The Canton Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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