Pumpkin Tales

Not denying the fact that Sambar, Idily and Vadai makes amazing breakfast but I also love having breakfast of a western origin. Adding to the few such places in Chennai is Pumpkin Tales in Alwarpet.

The Decor is orange and yellow symbolizing “Pumpkins”. The ambiance is bright yet elegant at the same time.



When we walked in we were the only people dining there so we got all the royal attention 🙂

Parking for two wheeler can be managed and can accommodate up to three cars inside the building.


From the menu my friend selected a simple dish of herbed potatoes and boiled egg and I selected a Eggs Benedict. From the Coffee menu we selected a latte and a cappuccino.

The coffee was served first and a while later food was served. I immediately ditched my coffee once I saw my colourful plate of food!


The eggs benedict is Porched egg with Hollandaise sauce. I ordered the Spinach, Tomato and Mushrooms version.


The base was brown bread with the spinach, mushrooms and tomato slices, with poached egg over it and the yellow hollandaise sauce was poured blanket cover over it. Hollandaise sauce is prepared by beating the egg yolk repeatedly and then pouring melted butter into the mixture with a hint of lemon and salt, all this while whisking the mixture continuously. The soft yellow sauce was simply yum! A comfort food everyone can run towards.


Wait!! the dish is not done yet, it is also served with fruits like dragon fruit, watermelon, pineapple and apple and herbed potatoes! My breakfast made me soo happy I wasn’t hungry even during lunch hours! But I ate my lunch anyway 😉

The remaining herbed potatoes, eggs and both are coffees were also good.


Cost: Zomato said cost for two is “INR 550 for two” but our bill came to INR 1062! Well the next day I checked Zomato it magically changed to “INR 950 for two”. Well definitely not a pocket friendly place but the eggs benedict is worth every penny spent!

I know I did not try everything on the menu but this place seems very promising.

Pumpkin Tales Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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