Here and There from Singapore

30 years back my parents got married and now they wanted to celebrate it in Singapore and Malaysia. Since I am their unmarried responsibility they took me along 😂.
It was my first international trip!! What do I do best??? Research a little about the places I can visit and research a lot about the food I can eat 😁

We went as a part of travel packages where Indians are the most social and affectionate to other Indians, no there is no North Indian South Indian demarcation.

Lunch was the first activity after we landed and we were sent to a South Indian restaurant where I had meals! My heart sank  to rock bottom.

Since food was covered by the tour package I did my best to sneak out or find fault with the food provided just to have a valid excuse to have local food!

The best way to enjoy Singapore local food is to have a liking towards dried fish! They include it in almost everything. Groundnuts are also their staple item food in the local food.

Our first stop was Sentosa island and after doing all touristry usuals even our guide took us to a South Indian place for snacks 🤐😭

We got a spring roll and fresh orange plup juice. While the spring roll was the usual the orange juice was very refreshing for a tired soul.



The next day at Universal studios we were given meal coupons instead of a being taken to a South Indian restaurant.
This was my best chance to get some Laksa is a local soupy noodles which can be spicy despite using a lot of coconut milk. This laksa had shrimps and egg. Being Indian and being used to spicy food, when the shrimp is devoid of spicies you simply won’t like it especially when your fussy about sea food.
Minus the shrimps the noodles were good especially with the two sauces they give and big glass of coca cola. The laksa costed around 11 Singapore dollars.

Bugis Street is famous for shopping clothes but an additional perk of going here despite the crowd is for the locally made food.
They make fruit juices of all varieties and not just the usual juices. They are very colourful and quenches a thirsty shopper.


They also have a variety of baked items. I tried their Charcoal pastry and Siew pao.


The siew pao is a Malaysian snack, the dough is pleated stuffed with BBQ Chicken (the stuffing can be beef too) and baked till it’s crisp. It resembles the puff/pattice we get in India except it looks like a modak.
The taste is simply too good and thinking back now I should have had more than just one 😁

The Charcoal pastry was very novel and the first time I have had charcoal in my food. Though it was called pastry, it was more like a hard biscuit cake on the outer and a damp charcoal flavoured filing. The taste was very damp and strong but the biscuit helped to balance the taste.

On my last day at Singapore I wanted to try their sticky rice but in the small time gap I got chicken rice but not sticky rice 😑.


It is a plate of plain white rice, deep fried chicken, groundnuts, a thick sauce and dried fish. Keeping aside the dried fish I digged into my rice. Their rice can be consumed plainly and still tastes nice! The chicken was more like KFC fried chicken. Overall the dish was local but tastes good only till the sauce lasts. The whole meal costed around 4 Singapore dollars.

I’m sure Singapore has more local food to boast but these were all I could try 🙂


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