Va Pho

Off late, whenever I am dining out, the cuisine happens to be Asian! Va Pho was my pick this time. Even before going there, we wanted to taste their Bao’s. This place is a part of Oriental Cuisine and parking can be managed in the side lane.


The Ambiance and décor is very colourful and gives us very positive happiness. From the menu, we ordered Chicken BBQ Bao’s, Chongqing crispy chilli lamb, golden triangles, mushroom Bao’s. We couldn’t wait for the food to come, but their board games did keep us occupied but still our thoughts wandered to the food 😀



Bao’s are steamed buns with a slight hint of sweetness and filled with stuffing. The Chicken BBQ chicken was too good so we ordered another Bao but this time with mushroom filings. The chicken won over the mushroom easily 🙂



Chongqing crispy chilli lamb is shredded lamb with bell peppers in chilli pepper sauce. We liked it too, so ordered one more plate! The lamb was tender and the sauce complimented the dish very well.


Golden triangles was a very different dish we tried, they were rectangle is shape, with grounded prawns and seasoned with fried sesame seeds and served with plum sauce. This was the next best dish after Bao. The taste is completely bland but the plum sauce served along was the source of taste for the dish. Eat it when it is hot, otherwise it is not so enjoyable.


Since we ate our starters as our main course 😉 we were not very eager on main course. Still we went ahead and got a Meegoreng, it had Indonesian noodles tossed with spicy chilli paste with option of sea food. This dish took a really long time to come and when we were contemplating to cancel the noodles, the staff brought it in. I did not particularly enjoy it because of the sea food meat and the noodles started having the sea food taste.


The staff and management are very amicable but even with the presence of so many of them; it was difficult to get their attention. The total bill summed to around INR 2000.

Va Pho - Asian Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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