Cafe Blossom

Café Blossom, recently opened in RK Salai perked up my interest to visit them. Whoever designed this place is in love with the British. The place is decorated have the English in mind but the place serves Italian.


The entrance is through a quiet lane so parking can be easily managed. Located in the first floor, the place might look small as you enter but the café is long! Framed pictures adorn the wall on one side and the other side look down on RK Salai.


While waiting for my friend, I ordered a Hot Garlic Schezwan toast, the food takes a decent amount of time to be served.

It is manners to wait for the other person to come and then start the meal but the aroma of Toast covered in cheese also made me debate with myself that I have also skipped another basic manner of not ordering before the other person comes, so let’s just forgot manner altogether and have a bite 😉


Good that my friend came in when a piece was still remaining, else the second piece would have disappeared quickly too 😀

We also ordered for a broccoli lettuce salad and Litchi Blast. The salad had brocooli, olive oil, cheese (which we never saw), lettuce and topped with salt. The first bite was so salty we were under the assumption that the whole bowl needs to be mixed before taking a bite, but the mixing made it worse! The salt reached a new level of high after the mixing :/ We sent it back, the management apologized and did not include the value in the bill.


The drink was also served and though they call it the Litchi blast I would rather call it the Strawberry blast!! The menu said litchi, strawberry and two more fruits but all we could taste was the dominance of strawberry and nothing else.


Since we sent the salad back and just to ensure we wouldn’t be hungry 😉 we ordered a Mexican Green sandwich. They were served with chips and mayo. The tangy jalapenos pikes up your taste buds first even though the sandwich had onions, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and mayo.  They had three slices of bread in each piece which filled us quickly.


The bill value came to INR 653, the pricing depends on what you order! The salads are expensive but the pastas are rated nominally. This place is a very nice place to kill time but not the best place to kill your hunger.

Cafe Blossom Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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