Sunrise Restaurant

If you are new to Mahabalipuram, it is better to take help of Google maps to land here after turning the amaze of tiny streets. How did I end up here??? Strong recommendation from a friend who couldn’t stop raving about the food here for two days after his visit!


They do not have any dedicated parking space but it is easy to park your vehicle nearby. The ambiance of this place is simple and basic but it is the surrounding and roof top which adds to the beauty of this place. You can see the sea and light house from the restaurant.


We started with Tawa potatoes, white sauce mushroom and golden fried calamari for starters. For mains we ordered an egg fried rice and white sauce penne prawn pasta! The food you get here tastes a lot like homemade food. Beer is hush hush affair here 😉


The best element about the tawa potatoes is when the dish is placed the first thing which hits you would be the masala smell! The taste of the masala is very peculiar, a good kind of peculiar, and traditional. A true Tamilian will crave for sambar rice (lentil soup rice) 😀



White sauce mushrooms is fried mushrooms being fried and white sauce heavenly poured over it. The sauce made is very creamy and the crispy mushrooms, though doesn’t blend with the sauce, makes a good dish


The Golden fried calamari is something I will go back to this place again and again! More than the calamari, the lemon garlic sauce which was given along was too good! The calamari was very crisp and absolutely no taste of raw sea food but the sea food smell does hit you!


The main course did not impress me as much as the starters but the pasta was creamy and I ignored all the prawns not wanting to spoil the taste of my precious white sauce 🙂


The egg fried rice was an average fried rice but extremely dry but tomato ketchup did come to my rescue.


Finally, we asked for a Panacotta, I was too full to try it but the verdict given by others was nothing exceptionally commendable. The cost is on the higher side but the experience when you go as a gang is worth it 🙂 This restaurant will always hold a special place.


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