Nasi and Mee

We wanted to eat food which satisfied our long starved and dried soul. Nasi and Mee was the closest place and we sincerely hoped the food would be good.

We started with Xiao Long Bao dumpling, Thai Chilli prawns and went on to Mee Laksa soup a soupy noodles and Nasi Lemak Istimewa.

I usually love momos but the momos this time was a different experience in itself! Soy sauce is served separately which needs to be poured in the soup spoon they give on top of which the momo needs to be placed and then relished together. The juice inside the momo and the soy will simply give you foodgasm! They had only 5 pieces a plate which made us really sad :/

Nasi and Mee looks very colourful, but the colourfullness does not stop there, the food served is also very colourful and deep.
The rice plate was presented well with coconut rice being wrapped in a omelette placed in the centre surrounded by groundnuts, sauce, cucumber, curry chicken and fried fish. The whole plate was yum! One can relate to Indian flavours but the Malaysian style simply stood out.

The noodles was the dish which surprised me the most! The soupy noodles had egg, chicken, a spicy sauce and a lot of soup. The soup having coconut milk, I assumed it wouldn’t be spicy, but the soup was a beautiful blend of both sweetness and spice. Eating noodles in chopsticks was very sloppy for me πŸ˜€ but ditched it in a minute and got comfortable with my fork and happily gobbled down the remaining bowl.

This was our first attempt for Malaysian food but it was soo good that we went back in three days πŸ˜‰
This time we ordered for Tod man pla (fish cakes), corn spinach dumplings, X.O. noodle soup and fried icecream.

The momos did not live up to my expectations when compared to the Xiao Long Bao dumpling we had the other day. This was quiet dry and hard.
My apprehension of Fish cakes died once we tasted it, though the raw sea food taste hit us when the dish was given, it did not taste raw! The sauce given with it went well. The soupy noodles had stir fried vegetables in spicy soup.


The best dish that night was the Fried Ice cream, we asked for a mix of both vanilla and chocolate ice cream, but it is not the flavour of the ice cream which matters here… The ice cream is wrapped with a coconut layer, fried and later honey poured over it! A must try innovative dessert.


The service of this place is impeccable, the pricing is on the higher side for the quantity served, especially the starters but the main course quantity is more than adequate. But, the taste of the food simply makes us ignorant of the prices πŸ˜€

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