Fusilli Reasons

For the last two times I visited fusilli reasons, I ate standing out which is the usual scenes at fusilli. Though everyone was excited that they opened a bigger place in the same neighborhood, I never went that side, Forgive me for that!

This was the first time I leisurely Sat INSIDE fusilli and had food! We ordered an assorted plate of garlic bread, white sauce pasta and nachos.

Nachos was plated differently this time! The nachos were given separately and the sauces separately and their Chipotle sauce was missing :/ Nevertheless the nachos with the creamy cheese sauce and tangy salsa sauce was a hit.


But the assorted garlic bread was the big box office hit 😀 the colourful plate had beatroot mayo, corn and spinach and a regular garlic bread. My personal favourite was the beatroot flavoured, the bread was baked crispy and the sauce smooth!


The white sauce was the last to arrive, the medium hot sauce and the pasta is one of the creamiest Chennai city has to offer!


The prices have gone up after shifting to the new place but they have managed to maintain the taste. It is a very cost efficient place for everyone

Fusilli Reasons Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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