Mulberry Cafe

The eagerness to learn new road routes kicked in full spree for me ever since I moved back home. Looking out for landmark buildings might be one way to remember routes but my landmark buildings are always through locations of restaurants πŸ˜€


It was one such day when work prolonged over our normal lunch hours and we did not want anything heavy so ended up in Mulberry CafΓ© hoping to eat less!


But who am I kidding! We ended up ordering French fries, fish fingers, mushroom spinach pasta, paneer salad, egg mayo sandwich, cottage cheese sandwich, a mushroom sandwich, a kiwi milkshake, a butterscotch ice cream shake, a lime drink and a mint mojito for four of us!

I was very grateful to the Kitchen staff who managed to start getting us food within 10-15 minutes for two things! One, never I have I experienced such a quietness in our table because of our hunger and two every second seemed like a decade.

Our plate of french fries had two versions of deep fried in it πŸ˜‰ they probably left some of it for more time in the oil. I enjoyed the crispy friend ones better than the normally fried ones.


But the Fish fingers which came next were the best! Served hot and crispy with mayo, I loved it best when the dish still remained hot. The taste reduced substantially when it became normal temperature.



The Caesar paneer salad was had its usual ingredients. However, I did not feel the leaves in the salad were fresh.

The pasta was styled and plating was done really well, the sauce was at its creamy best and overall made really well. But, always being used to Indianized version of pasta, the presence of salt was not at all felt.




Our drinks and sandwiches arrived last, the quantity of a sandwich is very liberal and it would fill up a person quickly. The sandwich had three layers of bread with boiled egg, mayo and cucumbers! I did not like the presence of a fully water loaded cucumber with boiled egg which is warm! After pulling out the slices of cucumber I liked my sandwich better πŸ˜€


My kiwi milkshake was also good but the flavour of milk overpowered the kiwi flavour. Neither could I taste the other dishes nor were the dishes spared for pictures! There was no prompt service and if the same is maintained during rush hours it would be very difficult for the people dining there.


Our total bill was around INR 1300. We found the bill really nominal for all the food we hogged πŸ™‚

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