D Egg More

Egmore is not a place I have ventured into! I was drawn to this place merely because of how aptly the café’s name “D Egg more” fell in place with the area where it is located. Finding this place is not easy! The lane is small and busy most of the times, and the lane being a one way, one can never stop to even look around. IMG_20170607_202820_wm


But the lodge next to the café has huge parking space and vehicles can be parked there! However, the location of the place and its surrounding are very shady :/


D Egg more is a very small place with maybe five tables! The tables cramp the place but once seated the chairs are comfortable. The décor is very simple but bright.

Their menu is put up on a printed board near the counter and they are available even as a paper menu.


It looked like a new café, and there were two people who took orders and one to clear the tables. Only one seemed to know the menu and their dishes well and they did not have everything named on the menu  :/


I wanted to try their Frittatas, so we ordered a Spinach Frittata. Frittatas are similar to Omelettes but they are different from omelette because the filings are mixed with the egg and then cooked together.

We also ordered a dish where we can select our bread, eggs and how we want the eggs. We did not know they were asking us to make our own sandwich rather than how we wanted the eggs! We selected brown bread but only white bread was available, duck’s eggs and masala scrambled.

Our Frittatas was served shortly after, the main ingredient being egg there were supplemented with thinly sliced boiled potatoes, spinach and salt. I being used to normal omelettes had an overdose of eggs in their frittatas. They tasted good but they kept falling apart and couldn’t manage a good spoonful. But the mustard mayo which was served along went really well with the frittata.


The sandwich looked simple but it tasted really good! The eggs were cooked with a milk base making me happy in my tummy 🙂


Lastly we ordered for a blue sky mojito which took more time than the other dishes to come! My friend was of the opinion that the flavour was poured in excess to what was necessary.


The whole bill came up to INR 250! It is definite value for money place but the location and service seems to have a strong negative impact :/

D Egg More Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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