Cafe Arabica

The planning for studying is over whelmed with the plans I have once exam is done! It gives me a very valid excuse to meet my friends and it is usually done with food 😊

Me, being the usual dictator on deciding where to eat decided on Cafe Arabica. This place is next to sea shell and opposite junior kuppanna in Anna Nagar. Parking vehicles can be managed pretty well.


This is place is more of a bakery than a proper eatery. But their deep brown colours and seating were comfortable and soothing.

While my friends took a while to come, I tried their orange muffin. I was hoping for something nice but all I got was a hard plain flavoured muffin with orange icing cream on it. I was disappointed with it for the mere fact that it was very rough!



We had a tough time deciding what to order from the menu! Their variety simply spoilt us. We zeroed down on chicken sausage platter, orle prawns, garlic chicken burger, BBQ chicken steak, cold coffee, mint lemon and honey dew melon.

The chicken sausage platter was the first to come, and served with carrot, beans and four slices of bread. The sausages had a tangy  taste and went well with the bread which had garlic butter on it.



The orle prawns which sounded very fancy was our simply onion rings and batter fried prawns. We weren’t very impressed with the prawns.



The Steak next! The BBQ Sauce poured on it was simply mouth watering! The colour of the sauce was deep! the instant lust seeing the sauce turned into even more deep love when we tasted it! 😀 Though the chicken was quite rough and the boiled vegetables not so fresh we still liked the whole dish. I hoped there was mashed potatoes instead of the vegetables and french fries!


The garlic chicken burger was a surprise for us. When we ordered Garlic burger, I expected Garlic paste or the strong presence of garlic flavour. However, they had put small pieces of garlic on the patty! It took us by surprise and I am not very sure if that is nice or bad because in some bites the garlic is present in others it isn’t.


Among all the beverages, Cold Coffee was normal, whereas the lime mint mojito and honey dew melon were simply too good!



Our total bill came to approximately INR 1500.


Cafe Arabica Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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