Annalaya is a place I was introduced to by their Manager Mr. Krishnan when I got invited to visit them. This place is in the same lane where gusto cafe is and adjacent to mothi mahal delux.

Two wheeler and four wheeler parking is adequately taken care of. The ambiance of the place is simple decor with pictures of our South Indian Tradition.

Selecting dishes was left to my friend who choose Mannar Kari Virundhu Sappadu and Guntur Kodi Kura, I selected wheat barotta with mutton payya curry.



We started our dinner with nannari sarbath (sarasaparilla roots), I have always shyed away from this drink for not knowing how it tastes! especially since it is a healthy drink! But the sarbath tasted really good, they had mixed honey in the drink which made it taste really nice.


As I was lost looking at the dishes around me, the wheat barotta and mutton paya awaited us lovingly. The barotta was thick layered but tasted good. The payya was very thick with excess coconut curry, a way how the authentic Arabian countries do it. But the payya was best accompanied with the simple Idiyappam.



The Guntur Kodi Kura left me disappointed when the spice in it did not match my expectations, especially since the word “Guntur” was used. But otherwise it stood out from the normal curries and would have been great with Idilis. Nothing went wrong with the Idiyappam.

Since the Mannar virundhu is sufficient to be shared among two people, we decided to share the food. We were served mutton soup first to appetise us and be ready for the long line of dishes which followed!


Mutton sukka, mutton chops, malli chicken, chettinad chicken, boiled egg, fish fry, prawns and nethili fry are some of the starters which I remember bitting into! I am sure there is more to the list than the above dishes 🙂

The mutton dishes had really tender meat and tasted good, while the chicken meat was a bit rough. The chicken sukka was one chicken dish which stood out really. The fish fry (pomfret) and prawns did not have that raw sea food and smell (which I detest the most!) thankfully! While their Nethili fry had that raw taste, apparently, majority of people dining there likes it to taste especially like that. So not my personal favourite, but my sea food loving friend gave a thumbs up for all the sea food dishes 😀




We were not even halfway through the meal but I was already stuffed, with a heavy stomach we moved to the biryani served. Chicken biryani and seeraga samba mutton biryani tasted fine but a tad dry.

Finally they have white steamed rice, rasam, curd and moore (Buttermilk). The buttermilk was simply too good! They had tomato rasam that day which is not my personal favourite. However, they make a variety of rasam like pepper rasam, pineapple rasam etc., each rasam changing changing every day.


We completed our meal with carrot halwa. My greedy eyes made me take a spoonful  immediately not knowing it was hot and burnt my tongue :/

A few minutes later, eventually it cooled down and I whipped the bowl clean. The sweet was made well.




To conclude, Annalaya is an apt place for family dining, the taste of the food does not stand exceptionally out but their few dishes like idiyappam and payya were done well. Their Mannar kari virundhu is a rescue for all the non-vegetarian lovers in the city especially since all the dishes served are unlimited.

The Mannar kari virundhu is priced at INR 700.

Since it was an invite, no comments on the pricing and service.

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