Tobey’s is situated bang opposite BMTC building in Koramanagala 6th Block. Though I do not frequent Bangalore much I did not notice this place the last time I was in Koramangala!


The natural inquisitiveness creeped in and I went in with no second thoughts. The place is decorated mainly to revive the colonial culture. The ground floor seating was open and not air conditioned. Since the climate was in friendly mode we did not bother much.


White walls and brown furniture are always an old charm, but not just keeping the traditional the blue and white stripped walls had a modern touch. An even more beautiful touch to the place was a small fountain among earthen pots and plants!



Their menu boasted breakfast dishes, pizzas, hot dogs, calzone and many more dishes. But they did not have whatever we wanted! This led to frustration when it is 2:30, your hungry and the staff continuously shoots you down for every dish you select!

Finally we ordered veg. Supreme Poutine and Penne Arabiata. We wanted red sauce pasta and ordered arabiata only after she confirmed it was red sauce. But we got Penne Alfredo instead! :/  and said that is what we ordered 😦 But they agreed to change it after explaining to two other people what we wanted and what we got!! We also got watermelon slushy from beverages.

This drink is a treat for all the watermelon lovers! There was a big ball floating on the top which I mistook for watermelon pulp but it was made with a lot of ice crush and a little watermelon. They had also spiced it up with Indian spice giving it a desi touch!


The vegetable supreme poutine was something I have never had before and I simply feel in love with it! the dish was made from fries served with cheese and gravy, and all this put together!



In their menu when it was said “served with fries”, I assumed that it would be served separately, but when it was all put together I was skeptical as I do not like anything other than crisp fries! Poutine managed to fall in my good books easily 😀 They had broccoli, corn and other vegetables in it. These vegetable complimented the gravy really well, they enhanced the flavour much better. The gravy will have salt on the higher side. (Apparently, the internet says that is how it is supposed to be!)

Lastly, the pasta was served with two big slices of soft garlic bread. Only after we completed our pasta, we realized that it was not red sauce but they have simply mixed some red sauce in the earlier pasta we returned! Serious concerns of Ethics here! Especially when we specifically expressed that we did not want to have pink sauce but only red sauce!


The food at this place is good but their staff need to be trained well! Even when we got the bill they had left out an item in the bill, we had to send it back again to get it right! I am not experienced in running a restaurant but food and service goes hand in hand.  The total bill was INR 640.

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