Maplai – Bloggers Meet

I have been to Maplai before and this time it was for a Bloggers Meet.

For Appetiser we were given vadam with flavoured dip. The vadam was crisp and nice.


We started off with Mango Monster shake. The huge mason glass was filled with layers of mango pulp, freshly cut mangoes, mango ice cream (made in house), a repeat of the same and then topped with nuts and cream! Just by the looks of it, I could easily conclude I would never be able to complete it.



The ice cream and pulp was too good but the freshly cut mangoes had a slight hint of sourness but it was easily over ridden by the ice cream and pulp! I kept having a sip of this shake after every mouth of food. I simply did not want the taste in my mouth to change.

We were then served with an array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters. In vegetarian starters, we had “Karukke Murukke Vendakai”, the okra (lady’s finger) was deep fried, it was crisp but an extra dose of crispness would have made it even more nice.



“Chepamkizhangu Roast” (commonly called Taro) is a simple roast with nice masala! This dish was my most favourite amongst all vegetarian starters.



The “Paneer pepper fry” is cut cottage cheese dominantly sauteed with pepper as its name suggests. This was my second favourite, the flavour of this dish was good.


“Vazhapoo Kola Urundai” (ball) was next. This is a very fascinating dish to see as the urundai  is not held together with the help of Kadali Maavu but with banana fiber thread. They have an exclusive lady just to do only this. My co- food bloggers felt there was very less salt in it. Since my meals are made with less salt I couldn’t identify the missing salt.



The non-vegetarian starters started to come in. First we had “scotch egg”, this is boiled egg battered in minced chicken and deep fried. I could successfully tell the salt was less in this! The egg otherwise tasted good.

The “Naatu Kozhi Fry” was made in Nellai style (Thirunelveli). It tasted normal without any disappointments and no surprises at the same time.


The “Butter fried chicken” had prominent presence of butter which was made crisp. The other dishes served with it had a stronger hand over this dish.


“Chicken ka Thakali” is boneless chicken strips tossed in a sweet Coorgi sauce. It tasted different yet made well. Normally I am a fan of spicy food but this sweet dish had my liking.


“Tanjavur Kair Katti Gola” is the non vegetarian version of vazhapoo kola urundai. The salt dosage was high!


The best amongst the non-vegetarian starters was served last! Guntur Prawn Fry. Fresh prawns batter fried and tossed in Guntur Spice. The flavour of the masala was extremely good and blended with the prawn. There was absolutely no hint of the raw sea food taste.


Strangely, I enjoyed the vegetarian starters more than the non-vegetarian starters! Shows how much I neglected my vegetables and roots!!

Spoilt with choices I was already too full to eat more! But that was just the start, we had main course coming in next. We were again spoilt with more choices, we could select from veechu barotta, malabar barotta, coin barotta, idiyappam, appam, egg appam and kal dosai.

I choose coin barotta! They were the cutest thing I saw that evening 😀 Coin barottas were the mini version of normal barottas. They were partially crisp and soft at the same time.



We were served three curries. Naatu Kozhi Masala, Nadan Mutton Curry and Fish Moilee. The Naatu Kozhi Masala was very salty and I preferred the other two curries. The Mutton curry was made well but the bright neon yellow coloured Fish Moilee was the best! It was something different from the constant flavours that evening.


Unable to move but kindly requested to have a spoon of the rice varieties, we managed three spoon fulls 🙂 We were given Veg Thalasherry a layered Kerala style layered Biryani which was good. Amongst the non ambur chicken and madurai mutton biryani, the very obvious winner was Madurai Mutton!!!

Finally I decided to ditch the Mango Monster Shake for their array of desserts! Since their dessert samplers were not available, we settled for Badam Paal Pannacotta, Karupattimisu and Coconut Souffle.

The Karupattimisu is the showstopper for the whole evening! I am definitely going back for this dessert, I am taking my mum, my friends and everyone who craves dessert there just to taste their Karupattimisu. It is a Indian styled tiramisu with Karupatti velam (Palm Jaggery). It was layered with coffee soaked spong cake and karupatti velam.


The Coconut souffle is served in a small glass with coconut cream and dressed with caramelized sugar. And the Badam Paal Pannacotta is ITalian custard flavoured with badam milk. These take a back seat when compared to Karupattimisu!

I was a little apprehensive to visit Maplai again, but this time, I did not regret going for the meet. Not everything they served was extra ordinary but they have some extremely good dishes!


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