Southern Aromas

We headed to Southern Aromas for lunch to celebrate a special occasion. This was one place we did not research or even read the reviews, we entered Residency towers clueless and seeing our lost Tamil faces they directed us to Southern Aromas.


The interiors were very pleasant and made traditionally with soothing live instrumental music.


We settled for their Non-veg buffet, they started the meal with Neer moor (Buttermilk), followed by three small bowls having Thattapayiru (Cowpeas) sauteed with coconut and curry leaves, Parupu (Dal) vadai and Thayir (Curd) vadai. The parupu vadai was too good and I wasn’t really sure if we could ask for more (anxiety of fine dining for the first time!!), anyways the cowpeas was also very nice. The Thayir vadai did not score so well compared to its other competitors.




After this we were served four varieties of chutney, their either it was supposed to accompany the starters and they served it late or I simply did not understand why were chutneys alone served!



We were served soup and after quiet some time, the main course finally arrived! We were served a lot of dishes. We had lemon rice, erachi thengai curry, currd flavoured with chillies, sambar, idiyappam, roti and some more dishes.


The erachi thengai curry was the best! This malabar (Kerala) dish left a very good impression with the whole family! The others were nothing less but this one was very good.


After relishing all this we had some space left for white rice and podi with ghee πŸ˜€ They also had rasam and curd for white rice.

The final round was Dessert πŸ™‚ We were served chocolate ice cream, payasam and gulab jamun! It was very nice way to finish our meal!


The whole bill came around INR 5000 for five of us. The service is pleasant but very slow and delayed, catching hold of anyone of them wasn’t easy at all!!

Southern Aromas - The Residency Towers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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