Old Skool Bistro

When my friends Plan A got cancelled, I was her Plan B 🙂 and eating is one thing we do best! I remember Old Skool Bistro opening up a few months back and was more shocked to find out not many people experimented this place.



Located in Nandanam first street, this place looks like a house converted into a bistro. The bistro has very less parking space for cars, but the lane seemed quite in the evening to park cars nearby in the lane.





The walls are painted bright yellow, decorated with taste (probably by a coffee lover), cane chairs for seating and one room even has a sofa with a rack full of books to read! Their mild AC with comfortable chairs and quiet environment made me lust their place instantly. The have seating in three rooms and a hall so there is ample amount of privacy guaranteed. They even had backstreet boys playing in the background! It’s been ages since I listened to them 🙂




From the menu, we, rather I choose 😉 Spicy Cheese Straws, Warm Chicken Taco, Spicy chicken wrap, spicy arabiatta chicken pasta, chicken pepper steak, mocha frappe, iced lemon tea and ilaneer payasam. It takes a long wait before the food arrives :/


The first dish which we came was Spicy cheese straws, and honestly we bursted out laughing when we saw what actually was spicy cheese straws! I hoped for something very different and out of the box but it was puff twists which is available in bakeries with melted cheese! But the melted cheese was too good.



Anxiety took over me when the first dish did not meet my expectations and we had ordered for a train of dishes! The warm tacos did ease my anxiety 🙂 This was the best dish amongst everything we ordered that evening. The taco was very crisp and hard but the filling inside with finely minced chicken and other spices and vegetables was too good.




The spicy arabitta was more tangy than spicy with a more Indian touch rather than Italian. The chicken chunks did not blend well with the sauce and we felt it was slightly raw and too big for pasta, cutting them more finely would have helped.



The Chicken Pepper steak was not perfect but their pepper sauce was simply the best I had! the steak was served with butter rice and boiled vegetables. The chicken was slightly rough and stir frying the broccoli, baby corn and carrots would have increased the flavour much better.



Just because the taco was too good, we ordered for a spicy wrap but it did not live up to the taco! the wrap became a bit chewy.



The Ilaneer payasam and the mocha frappe was made well but the iced tea was not ice tea! It was chilled black tea 😀




The total bill for all the dishes we hogged came for a total of INR 1000!!

The food is not perfect but the place is perfect for people who want to work, read a book or be on their own. This place truly deserves a chance!


Old Skool Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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