Dialogue in the Dark

This is one place where it is not all about the food but how blessed people take things for granted! A place where you do not bother about the ambiance or selecting food from the menu as all you must do is just dine in absolute DARKNESS. The motive behind this place is to bring awareness about the visually challenged, more than spreading awareness it is a place to empower the visually challenged.



This idea was originally conceptualised in Germany but it was Mr. Krishnan and Mrs. Sudha Krishnan who introduced It in India. They started it first in Hyderabad, then moved on to start it at Bangalore, Chennai and Raipur.


There is a safety deposit box to leave all your belongings including watches, mobile phones and spectacles. We are asked to place our hands on the person’s shoulder before us, and once you enter the place, the voice of our dining guide is the only source of instruction. He leads us very carefully to our table and seats us there.



Before jumping to our food, our dinning guide plays a small game with the group. He hands us letters and we as a group have to form a word using all the letters given to the whole group. We are supposed to guess it within five minutes. As we fumbled with our letters to guess the alphabet our first two minutes were up! As we called out all the alphabets we had and tried to form a word, our next two minutes were up! At last our dining guide Mr. Muruga Vel came to our rescue and gave us a clue! Guessing the word was a piece of cake after his clue 😊

Coming to the food, a token was given to us before entering the room, we had to hand it over to our dining guide inside, once that is done, a casserole is given to us from which we need to pull out our tiffin box!

The first thing which came to my mind is how the visually challenged would eat their food on a day to day basis, a lot of thought and effort would go in handling their food! We were served a chicken started, tandoori grilled chicken, veg pulao with a chicken kurma and a raita. The taste of their food was really good!

Dining in the dark gave me an opportunity to pay more attention to what I was eating, the flavours of the food and added extra flavour to the food. It helped me concentrate on the food without any distractions.


This idea of “Dialogue in the dark” has not only helped the visually challenged but they have turned down help in monetary form from their customers and asked them a different kind of help! They ask their customers to employ the physically challenged in normal workplaces. This is truly the best example for “You give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.” This is in my opinion is true empowerment 😊


“Dialogue in the dark” is a very emotionally draining experience but it not only makes us experience the life of a visually challenged person but how mentally imbalanced we are for even the smallest of things in life. This helped me broaden my thought process at a whole new level.

The food – 4/5 but the concept 5/5

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