Dhaba by Claridges

When this place opened up in Chennai, I was wooed by their décor and ambiance but honestly their prices held me back and bookmarked this place probably for a special occasion in the future. On one such occasion, it was finally time to lunch here 😀

On doing the usual zomato research, I was hoping to get a table in the first floor specially for their fancy truck, but not being able to sit there did disappoint me, apparently the whole first floor was reserved :/


We settled into their comfortable sofas and even before looking at their menu, I was lost in admiring their décor. Very colourful and transforms a person into a happy state of mind. Even their tables and chairs are colourful!



From the menu, we asked for dhaba chili chicken, galouti kebab, highway chicken tikka, roomali roti, amritsari kulcha and aam sutra (mango lassi).



The Dhaba chili chicken was served first, good amount of spices liberally spread on the tandoori chicken with chutney. The chicken was made really well but the chicken was tough.



The next dish was a confusion! we wanted the galouti kebab seeing the picture on the menu, but the waiting staff ordered the tawa machli thinking that was galouti kebab, anyway after all the confusion the took the fish back and got us the kebab without any fuss! *bless that soul*



Galouti Kebab is made from finely minced chicken made into patties and fried. It is served along with a small roti. The meat was very tender but there was one particular spice which was simply over empowering which I could not handle!

The highway chicken tikka, the roti and kulcha was served along shortly, the chicken tikka had a lot of capsicum and tender chicken. It tastes slightly tangy which I loved. The roomali roti was made really well but the amritsari kulcha did not meet my expectations. We were too full and couldn’t complete it, they packed it for us and I must say, even the packing material was colourful and fancy!




Though we got our main course packed, we still had room for dessert and ordered their aam sutra lassi (mango lassi). It was served in a traditional glass made out of sand. For people who love the flavour of mango will relish the lassi. I simply loved it.

This place is real fancy but expensive. The food was good but their ambiance exceeds the taste of the food. The staff are really kind and smiling all the time, but they seem to be confused about the dishes and details and there are some communication barriers between the staff and customers because of the language.


Dhaba By Claridges Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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