The Brew Room

If you had seen two grown ups this Sunday morning at Brew room, but you felt their mental development could not have been over 10 years from their excitement about everything in Brew room, it was definitely my friend and myself 😀


It was a quick plan to have breakfast at Brew Room, a fancy place where everyone posts pictures of them sitting in a white parrot like cage but sadly, I never made an attempt to even visit!! Bad behaviour I must say 😉


After going through their menu again and again we choose to have a  salted caramel mocha, a Irish cream cold coffee, cheese and mushroom omelette and red velvet waffles.




The food took a good 15 minutes to come, the omelette was served with onion duxelle a onion and tomato mixture which complimented the omelette really well!, and two slices of grilled bread. The omelette was a fabulous mix with mushrooms and cheese. Simply loved it.


The Red velvet waffle came next, to eat it as such was like eating medicine, very bitter!! but the cream served with it made the red velvet flavours fair better.



The salted caramel mocha simply outsmarted the Irish cream cold coffee! The mocha was served with cookies which helped to tone down the bitterness of the coffee.


The cold coffee was simply plain and not exciting :/


Brew room on the whole is a very cute cafe to spend time with friends or to simply zone out when you choose to shut down from the world!

The total bill came to an exact INR 1000 which seemed affordable.

The Brew Room - The Savera Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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