Seize the moment people!


On a recent vacation to the serene Andaman, despite the white sand beaches, the crystal clear water and coconut trees being a perfect place to relax, one thing which stressed me was how people vacationed!

The first thing people did whenever they came across any beautiful place was not being astonished of how beautiful and stunning can mother nature be but to click a perfect selfie or to be in a perfect shot!

While you are posing like you are looking into the sea trying hard not to laugh, you are missing the mesmerizing sunset; how the sky turns from a perfect blue to orange to complete darkness, the flying fish flying away because of the boat’s vibration, how the boat pierces through the water, how a kid is super excited seeing so much water around her and many more things. I am no saint and I clicked a lot of photography too!! but these digital cameras are spoiling us with their preview photos and making us ensure the pictures are perfect that we end up clicking multiple pictures of the same place again and again.

The best moments are not captured” I have no clue who said this, but this quote holds truth in many forms!


Yes you get to wear special clothes for vacations you generally do not wear normally around your household! But all I saw was people with loads of heavy accessories (not the newly wedded red bangles… I am not getting into the tradition part!), high heels, really huge handbags (Are you running away somewhere??), too much make-up which one definitely cannot hold intact because your sweating all the freaking time!!!! tight chiffon one piece dress! One, you don’t wear party dress for vacations, two, the sun is eating you alive and you decide to wear chiffon!! :/

This post makes me wonder how much time I wasted absorbing people rather than watching the sea!

In a nutshell, please dress comfortably and seize the moment!! Mother Nature is a real beauty 😀 These are some pictures from Andaman to grab your attention to show what people are missing!





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