Thai Food House

Trying the few Thai places in Chennai, my opinion has always been that  it is a “Non spicy” cuisine. My friend wanted to change this perspective of mine so we headed to Thai food house in Alwarpet, Chennai. I was in a hurry and did not pay much attention to their ambiance and decor.



It seemed small but comfortable seating place, making the best use of all the space available. I did not bother to even look at the menu since I had already asked him to go forward and order. He ordered Prawn Tempura, Tom yum soup, Deep fried lemon grass chicken and Phad thai flat noodles.

The soup came first, it is a blast of lemon grass and lemon 🙂 It took  a while to get used to their tangy flavour! They also had pieces of tomatoes, chicken meat and few other vegetables I couldn’t chew 😀 The soup was a good start to our meal.



The Prawn Tempura, was simply batter fried and served with two sauces one with a honey base and the second one a sweet chilli sauce. However, I ate it quick before the warmth in it went away. The spicy mint chutney which came with the chicken made a lovely combination with the prawn tempura rather than the sweet sauces.



The chicken came along and by the looks of it, one can easily say it did not have much flesh in it! The dish disappointed me simply because of the dry and less meat the chicken had :/



The main course took a while to come because of confusion between the staff who took the order but forgot about it, though we were almost full, we still insisted on the noodles.

We had no idea it would be sweet *facepalm*!!! The flat noodles was nice but the prawns in it did have the raw taste which I did not like. We packed the part we couldn’t finish and asked for the bill.




The bill came to a total of INR 1064. I got a 15% discount off the bill because of the 10K Club’s Privilege card. To get 10k Club’s Privilege Card and see all their discounts, visit Use my referral code “theshyfoodie” and get a dicount of INR 50.

Overall, Thai Food House is a simple place to enjoy some Thai food, getting used to Thai’s flavours would be difficult for the Indian taste buds but it is definitely a place one has to visit to experience Thai food. My perspective about Thai food hasn’t changed 😉

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