Third Wave Coffee Roasters


Bangalore spoils me with choices!! I felt like a child who was in a store full of all the candies possible but I get to pick only one :/ This was my feeling when I was choosing a place to have lunch in Koramangala, Bangalore. Finally, we zeroed down to “Third Wave Coffee Roasters”. My friend said “Let’s redefine tradition” when we went to more of a breakfast place for lunch 😀




The first thing which hit me when the door opened was the aroma of coffee. So we decided to order the coffee with names we have never heard of 😛 Affogato and Macchiato. The Affogato was the one we both loved! Espresso with Vanilla Ice cream. It was simply good. The Macchiato is the bitterest form of coffee I have ever had! The guy at the counter did warn me about how the strong of the coffee is and offered to add more milk to it. But I was adamant to taste it in it’s original form and nothing else. The quantity of the coffee did disappoint me!






We also ordered an Open Bagel Pizza and S’more Crepe.


The Crepe perfectly matched the all time saying “What’s inside is what matter the most” 😉 Just taking a look it, it would look like a normal crepe with nutella poured on the top, but the inside had melted marshmallows and the menu said graham cookie. Honestly I do not know how graham cookie tastes but the crepe had caramelized flavour present in it. The crepe was the best I have ever had. The sweetness will simply feel like a blast of chocolate heaven!



The open bagel pizza was layered with Marinara sauce made from tomatoes, yellow and red bell peppers, onions, cheese (goes without saying) on the bagel and seasoned with lovely Oregano. The softness of the bagel did not last long and eventually became hard! Otherwise the taste of the bagel, combination of cheese and bell peppers all left an excellent mark.



This place is filed with people working on their laptops and apt for people who want to spend sometime on their own or with friends. The place is nominally rated and our bill came to around INR 700. We need to place our orders at the counter and they serve us at our table, so there is not much scope to comment about their service. They serve water only if we ask for it! Water is the most important necessity for our existence and it would be really nice if water is already served, even if it is bottled water.

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