Cafe Central

Their name “Café Central” immediately takes me back to F.R.I.E.N.D.S and their “Central Perk”. We went here for a brief lunch as we went there with an already half full stomach!



Their ambiance is quirky and bright, empty frames adorn the wall which I am not sure if they are meant to be empty or to be filled at a later stage!



We started with BBQ Wings with Sriracha sauce, which was the only sauce I have never heard before, which the Staff there recommended. I secretly hoped with all my will his recommendation would do justice, I had my boss and colleagues with me!!

Thankfully it did!! The BBQ wings came in a while, with salad for sides, Sriracha sauce is a hot spicy sauce which was the base for the dish. The sauce was amazing and the overall dish was good. Having chicken pieces slightly more meaty would have been wonderful.



We also ordered, Cheese and Greens Salad, which came in this really pretty jar. It had tomatoes, zucchini, red and yellow bell peppers, cabbage and topped with cubes of Cheese!! Minus the cheese, it is a very healthy option 🙂



The next dish, was Grill and BBQ, one can either choose to eat it like that or in the form of a burger, choosing doesn’t end at it, one also needs to choose between chicken or fish and final decision to make is from their list of marination!! We choose our fish to be marinated with Peri Peri.


Their presentation blew me away! It really did 🙂 The taste was amazing! No raw fish taste, wonderful marination, great sauce, the only drawback not so great fries! Nevertheless we cleaned our plates Spot Clean!

We also ordered Beverages, we got Cranberry Soda Pops, this was the best among every other beverage we got. Cranberry juice filed half glass, soda filed the other half with vanilla ice cream. Simply loved it.


Beat the Heat! That was the next order. They promised Beetroot, coconut water and coconut flesh. Spoiler Alert!! Drink it if you love eating healthy, please do not drink it if you wanted something to favour your taste buds. All I could taste was the beetroot and no hint of coconut :/


The last was Filter Kapi (Coffee), well let’s just say we were fools to order it there 😀

The bill came to a fancy INR 1234, the food was rated nominally but the beverages were over priced! The staff there seem confused and reluctant but they were kind!

Great Place and Good Food 🙂

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