Ente Keralam


For a change, breaking away from my normal eat out cuisine, I wanted to try Kerala Cuisine. Ente Keralam, known for their reputation for serving Kerala cuisine food was the obvious choice.






Going in from the usual Chennai sunny afternoon, their dim interiors was a blessing. We were seated in the first floor. Browsing through their menu made me lose my way easily. Fortunately, giving orders were taken care of.





The orders were: Kappa (Mashed Tapioca), Fish curry, Kadala curry, Puttu (Steamed rice cakes), Karimeen polichathu, vegetable stew, appam and malabar parota.



The food took a while to come as compared to the veg meals ordered. Kappa is mashed tapioca sauteed with curry leaves and other spices. To accompany it, fish curry was ordered, which tasted heavily of the raw fish :/ But for someone who loves sea food, it is heaven!



The vegetable stew with appam was my personal favourite, rich with coconut paste the appam slightly sweet made an awesome combination and it is a dish which simply should not be missed.


The Karimeen polichathu is basically fish marinated and grilled wrapped in banana leaf! The masala used in it was spicy and good. I used the masala in this to eat with Malabar parota.



The kadala curry (brown chick peas) did not go so well with anything we ordered, but it as a dish alone tasted really good, a vegetarian would have savoured it really well.


Finally, for dessert, we ordered Ila neer payasam (a sweet dish typically made with milk but here made with tender coconut water!!). The dish was so good, we literally ordered three more!


Ente Keralam Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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