Miner Diner



The newly opened restaurant’s name “Miner Diner” made more sense when I went here for lunch. The Decor of this place is done entirely around the life of a Miner, right from the shovels and the tables with wheels, how the ceiling is done, the kerosene lamps suspended from the ceiling and the pictures donning the wall.



We had the option of sitting anywhere since the place was very vacant. Looking at the menu, they have salads, sandwiches, waffles, waffles sliders and waffle pizzas! They did not have any starters as such.



Their Waffle Pizza fascinated me and their Waffle Sliders fascinated my friend! So we ordered “The Beefeater” Slider and “The Texmex Delight” Pizza. Thinking this wouldn’t fill us up enough, I ordered a Chorizo and Ham Chef’s Special Sandwich!

The staff promised us the food would come in ten minutes but it took them a good 25 minutes! :/

The “TEXMEX Delight” waffle pizza was the first dish we tried, the innovation they did here was the pizza base! they had given a Waffle base instead of the general Pizza dough base! It was loaded with cheese, chicken chunks, tomatoes, olives and jalapenos. Remember the advertisements how pizza was introduced the first time in India??  The cheese stretching all the way from the mouth to the pizza!!


This exactly happened when I bite into it!! My childhood memory refreshed in a second. The flavours were amazing, however, the heavy topping made the waffle soggy instantly, the only minus of the whole dish. Their base was way too thick making it an inappropriate base for the pizza!



I had my own apprehensions when the Waffle slider was given because I did not want to bite into another soggy waffle! But this came as a surprise, the waffle was lighter and thinner and tasted better. The Waffle slider simply replaced the burger buns with waffles. I had another apprehension for the beef! I hate it when it is not juicy and tender and Chennai has managed to give me an aversion towards beef. Again they surprised me when the beef was minced and put back together, they sorted my apprehension of the beef being not juicy. The beef, pickled onion and cheese all made a really good Waffle Slider on the whole.



By the time we ate the slider and pizza, we had no room for the sandwich! The sandwich was served as a slider as well, but they immediately changed it when we told them we order sandwich and not a slider.


Though we were full, we had a bite before we requested the sandwich to be packed. The bread was slightly hard on the top and since we left it for a while, the bottom part became soggy! But the filing was good with lamb and turkey chunks, the tangy jalapenos, cheese and a lot of mayo.

The food taste was a hit and their prices are nominal! Their service was delayed but they were polite. Their quantity might look small but our eyes are just being bigger than our stomach.

Parking for two wheeler wont be a problem but car parking would be a problem, but they can be parked in the nearby lanes.


The Miner Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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