Kapao Dos


I did all the emotional drama I could to convince my friend to visit this place! The newly opened Kapao Dos in Egmore caught my eye when I read a fellow reviewer talk about their momo. But their menu offered more than just momos! Pasta, fries, panini, burgers and desserts.


This place is located in Wellington Estate building. Parking is not a problem at all, but make sure not to ask the security guards where this place is, they ll tell you there is no such restaurant!




It is on the right lane if you stand outside Donut House. The first impression? Simple setting for a student friendly place, a typical fast food or quick bites place. But, who cares?? Food is always the ultimate motive!!

Since they are not yet opened completely, there was absolutely no one which got me talking with Mr. Rohan, who seemed like the main man there. He told me they make all the ingredients used in the restaurant including making their own bread! Meaning of “Kapao Dos”??? “Dos” is Number two in Portuguese Language and “Pao” means Bread. Since its their second outlet “Dos”!!

We ordered:

Chili Garlic Chicken Momos, Dirty Fries Chicken, Pink sauce pasta, Alfredo pasta, wild mushroom chicken pasta, Stoner’s revenge burger and grilled chicken panini.

The menu had no beverages!

Food took a while to come but it came piping hot and it was worth the wait. Their momo with finely cut garlic and minced chicken along with their mayo dip and chili dip was amazing! It was so good we ordered for another plate! The only drawback was the size of the momo I wish it was a bit more bigger.



Their fries was really crisp with minced chicken, chili garlic salt served with mayo and a dip. The only drawback was that all the salt settled below leaving the bottom layer of fries really salty!


Alfredo and the pink sauce pasta was fine but their sauce was slightly thinner and watery compared to the wild mushroom pasta.




The wild mushroom pasta was the best among everything I ate at Kapao Dos. It was made with mushrooms, chicken pieces, garlic, onion, a lot of cheese and their menu said Thyme, which later googled said a kind of herb!

Stoner’s revenge is their burger made with chicken patty, nachos, cheese and onions! It was crunchy with the nachos and onions and tasted good!



The panini came along but the other dishes dominated their panini. Made with chicken and tandoori spices, cheese, grilled and served with salad, it did fare well, but not good enough.


All their dishes were served in Environmental friendly Areca leaf plates! But they served disposable plastic spoons and forks! I would be very happy to see the normal spoons and forks rather than plastic forks.

I really cannot comment on the service right now because our interaction was solely with Mr. Rohan who took orders, asked if our food was ok and everything! He was very courteous and kind, so kind that with demonetisationĀ in India which leaves us with no liquid cash and the restaurant not having a Card machine, froze my face for a mnute, that he kept insisting not to worry about the money, eat whatever we wanted and worry about the money later!

Their prices are very nominal and real value for money.

I hope their warmth remains the same and their momo & wild mushroom pasta becomes a big hit.

Kapao Dos Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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