Ciclo Cafe

This place is not new to the city, but I got to visit this cycle themed place with my colleagues recently for lunch! Spread over the ground floor as well as the first floor, this place is nicely done with comfortable chairs.



The menu is vast and I wanted to taste everything on the menu! But sadly we had to narrow down to the following! Mini Arancini, BBQ cottage cheese balls, Ham and Cheese Sandwich, Barbeque onion and cheddar pizza, Morning Glory, Coco tender and Tender coconut ad coriander mojito.


The BBQ cottage cheese balls was compact fried balls with cottage cheese stuffing and finely dipped in BBQ sauce served with very refreshing salad. The dish was nothing new/innovative but the taste was good.



The Mini Arancini was a disappointment for me, especially when I vouched saying it will taste good! This was served much later, the pieces simply did not hold well together and it fell apart. Though the main ingredients are cheese and rice I found them to be really bland! deep frying them as arancini balls would have been a better option!


The pizza had onions, BBQ sauce, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. With thin crust, the pizza tasted good!



The ham and cheese sandwich, did not match the taste buds of a hard core Indian! There was absolutely no mistake on the part of the cafe, I just made a wrong choice. The sandwich had three layers of bread cheese, chicken ham and tomato slices.


The beverages took a really LONG Time to come.

Morning Glory was a mixture of orange juice, mango juice, pineapple juice with a base of strawberry crush and occasional appearance of ginger!


Tender Coconut and coriander Mojito was the typical mojito with coriander but not even the slightest taste of tender coconut was present. The best of all the beverages was Coco Tender, lemon juice, slight addition of coconut water, mint leaves and honey in the bottom!



It was difficult to get hold of a waiting staff here but they are very pleasant to talk to. The prices fall on the higher side of the scale. They have valet parking which was a big relief!! They have dedicated their ambiance to “Cycles” so much that even their washroom had Cycle baskets for holding paper napkins!!

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