Swiss Hutte

Happiness came in the form of my friends when there was a sudden plan for dinner and I was over joyed when they asked me to choose a place!!


The ambiance of Swiss Hutte had me bowled over for a long time now! So the place was decided but finding it was REALLY a task! Do not trust your google maps, it doesn’t lead you there but leaves you roaming round and round in wallace garden! A BIG problem if you are driving around in a car, especially all the security force give you the most suspicious looks. Finally, we had to park two streets away and go searching of this place, It was situated on the back side of Apollo Hospital. It will be wonderful if the location problem is resolved. Swiss Hutte doesn’t have exclusive parking, so good luck trying to find a place to park!!


img_5347_1478830519090img_5324_1478830509102The ambiance of Swiss Hutte is Love at first sight! Their open garden, a blast of green, the unfinished brick building transforms you to a typical cottage abroad, shown in movies. The dim look made me feel cosy and comfortable. I only wish they have a full fledged outdoor seating with lights! They do have a lovely spacious place.



There was only one person to serve, who was very attentive, however I wonder how he would manage if there was more than one table to serve!! Another person who seemed like the owner was there to help as well! Both of them made the best efforts to make us comfortable.


Their menu card, was a paper in a file! A place so sophisticated can definitely do better than that. The menu is limited, and we ordered a peri peri chicken starter, which he said would be spicy, but when we had it, it was very clear that his definition of “Spicy” is very different from our version of “Spicy”, the chicken was normal and I definitely cannot tag it as “SPICY”. Their service was quick, that by the time I went around their place and came back to my table, the dish was served! The quantity did let us down, their taste was alright with the chicken being crisp and served with vegetables.



Next, for the mains, we got: White sauce chicken pasta, Stir fried prawns with rice and Pesto sauce chicken Gnocchi pasta, this gnocchi pasta was something which I had never tried, their staff came up with this when I asked if they had Spaghetti. Gnocchi is a kind of pasta resembling tiny dumplings, made from potato, cheese and flour.



The white sauce pasta came first, the sauce was quite watery, but the cheese and the pasta was made well, their taste was not something extra-ordinary but was good. The Stir Fried prawns had this raw smell, which I did not like, but their sauce was good, it had its tangy taste with all vegetables like broccoli, mushrooms and carrots.



The only thing left was the pesto gnocchi pasta, it was exciting to try something different, but there was more olive oil than pesto sauce and cheese which made it difficult to eat especially when the pasta is very thick in texture, making it even more difficult to chew it without adequate sauce!


Overall, the food, it’s quantity was a let down but the place is wonderful to spend time either alone or with a group. Expensive? Yes, very much, majorly of the locality I guess.

Ambiance: 5/5 but Food 3/5!!

Swiss Hutte Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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