Absolute Thai

I have had Thai cuisine before but not in any exclusive Thai food place. So I have been wanting to visit this place for a long time now. An occasion gave rise to an opportunity for me to dine here!!



As excited I was, we went here for an early dinner. This place being on the main road is very easy to spot, this place shares the building with “Sushi in a box” and “Cafe de Paris”. The parking can hold a good amount of two wheeler and a decent amount of cars as well.


I loved the lighting used to decorate the building both on the inside as well as out. As you enter the place, the smell of lemon grass overwhelms one!! Soothing music in their language plays on the background. As soon as we got seated, there was a complimentary lemon ginger drink in small glasses.


The menu, which was absolutely confusing because of the lack of knowing the terminology, but the small pictures given on the menu did help us and the serving staff helped us too in suggesting dishes.


We ordered a Tohu Tempura, Tom Kha soup, Khao Phat Sapproat, Tohu phad bai krapao.


The Tom kha soup was a cream coconut soup. We loved it when it came hot and had all the vegetables in it. A person who loves coconut will only like it, otherwise it is difficult to like the taste. The Tohu tempura is tofu deeply fried and served with a sweet chili sauce, I felt it was the sauce which was more special than the tofu itself.





Khao Phat Sapproat, is Pineapple fried rice with raisins and cashew nuts. I had my apprehensions and refused to order it, but she was persistent and asked the waiting staff for something spicy to go with it. So they suggested a stir fried tofu dish, which was my only hope for a good main dish.


The pineapple rice in yellow colour arrived and when I tasted it, I was very glad it wasn’t sweet and the Tohu phad bai krapao complimented the rice really well. It was a tofu based stir fry with basil. The tangy taste and the rice was something I liked.



During our main course there was another complimentary green tea! It was really nice to have green tea after a heavy meal!! I wanted to try their jasmine tea but there was absolutely no capacity for me.


Their presentation and service was too good. It was a pricey experience but I would want to go back and explore many other things I couldn’t order this time!!

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