My friend was in town and after showing off Chennai to her, I wanted to go to a really nice place with really good food! So based on the raving reviews about Hola, I choose this place.

I called up this place and made a reservations, on reaching the place, the ambiance was a definite hit with us. The rooftop with sea view, the small red lantern, the sea breeze, the colourful fairy light and everything I missed to describe about this place!

But everything awesome stopped right there! The food on a total scale of 5 can be rated 2!! We ordered a Belgian Iced Chocolate, which was bournvita with milk, Iced lemon tea was cold Orange Tang. Spicy Chipotle Lamb sizzler and a Pesto chicken pizza for the main course. They asked our choice of vegetables to accompany the sizzler, either mushrooms or a mix of bell peppers, mushrooms, broccoli and tomatoes.


The sizzler came with a bowl of herded rice and a bowl of mashed potatoes and the lamb gravy between them. The lamb was soft but it did not blend so well with the sauce and mashed potatoes.




The pizza was the saving grace amongst all the food we ordered. It was huge and looked real simple with thin crust, cheese covered and strips of pesto chicken laid over it. The crust was crunchy and the taste was good, but the chicken was very dry!



Overall, the cost factor is definitely above the roof for me but the service factor is good.  Either this place is over hyped so I went here with very high expectations or they have simply lost their standard!

Hola Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. I love honest restaurant reviews. Keep it up! ☺️


    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂


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