Brick House Bistro


On a rare occasion when I got an opportunity to visit this side of the city, I couldn’t resist but wanted to try this place just because to cross it off my bookmarks! When this place started, initially there were mixed reviews about this place, we did not want to mess up our evening because of bad food, at the same time we wanted to try it and then decide for ourselves!


Brick House Bistro managed to fall on the good side of the wall! Next to Subway the narrow staircase leads to BHB, along the way they have images of food which caught our attention!! When we entered, the unfinished brick look with the metal Bowen colourful chairs did make me think that the ambiance has been done well! What brought a smile to our face was the witty and quirky framed pictures about food neatly hanged all over the place. The outdoor seating looked very romantic and pretty with fairy light but the sultry climate outside made us chose the indoor air conditioned seating.




We started our orders with a Cheesy Gooey Fries! Went on with BHB chicken burger and a Tenderloin Burger Ver 2.0, and a blue curacao!

Fries first! Came in a plate fully filled with cheese, mayo and fries playing hide and seek between them. I loved the combination of fries with mayo more than the cheese! Midway the burgers came, though we paid no attention to it as we were still busy with the fries, they grabbed our attention when all the sauce started oozing from the sides!



The BHB chicken burger looked GRAND with Grilled chicken patty, cheese, egg omelette, salami and two frankfurters (chicken hotdog) and BHB sauce!! Please order this only if you are extremely hungry or if you’re a person with an extraordinary appetite! This was the best of the two we ordered.



The other burger was simple with tendterloin patty, with onion stirred in a sauce kept on a lettuce, wrongly assuming that it would have some cheese or mayo in it; I did not want any extra cheese on it when the waiting staff asked. However the patty was juicy but salty! It did not taste salty when I took a whole bite of it, so there was some silver lining!



The Blue Curacao was a thirst quencher! When asked what exactly it was, the main management person explained it was a drink made from a blue syrup and if we wanted he could add 7up to it, for a soda base. But we wanted to taste its orginal flavour and ordered one! It did not have any bang on flavour as such but had a hint of citrus to it. A Google search later explained that it was syrup made out of dried orange peels found on curacao, an island in the Caribbean.



The bill came around INR 900, the cost estimate in Zomato is definitely wrong! The prices doesn’t seem very pocket friendly.

Brick House Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. manik rege says:

    hey there, co foodie! I’ve been reading through your work for a week, and i’m in love with your style. it’s almost as if I’m visiting the places myself because the experiences are always a delight to read! keep up the amazing work. sending lots of love & positive vibes ~yours in the binge


    1. Hello!! Thank you so much for reading my posts. Your comment means a lot to me and now I know for sure someone is going beyond just seeing the pictures and reading it too 🙂 You sure made my day.

      Liked by 1 person

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