No matter how many languages you know, the wittiest statements in your mother tongue simply will crack you up! Any person who knows Tamil well will understand why I said this after taking a look at their menu! Every dish has a quirky Tamil name to it, I enjoyed going through the whole menu and their names.


The ambiance is simple and tall people mind your head the ceiling is low! From the waiting staff, our in-charge took our orders and served us. From the starters we ordered Theepori Lollipop chicken, we got several warnings from our table in-charge saying it has five types of chillies in it and people simply cannot eat it,  but still we decided to go ahead and asked for a bowl of curd just for precaution. Waiting for it to come, meanwhile, we asked for Mankatha mutton biryani but since that was not available we settled for Citizen chickem biryani and Nei Kozhundhu rice (Ghee rice). Later we ordered for Thanjavur Kair Katti Gola.

To drink: Rosapoo, Quarter Cutting and Uttalakadi Girigiri.


Our Theepori lollipop came and the first disappointment was its quantity, it had four pieces, the next disappointment was its taste, though the promised spice level existed, the taste is simply chili powder, and nothing else! The chicken did not have meat in it also! We simply paid for the chili powder. The spice is beyond spicy, you can feel the spice spreading all over your throat. Since Rosapoo came on time it helped us tone the spice down! Do not eat anything hot, it is like adding oil to the fire.


The nei kozhundhu rice and chicken biryani tasted good! the quantity also was sufficient. We wanted some side dish to eat with so we ordered Thanjavur Kair Katti Golla.




But our in-charge forgot our order and when we asked to cancel it, he said it would take only two minutes and asked us not to miss it as it was their signature dish! so it came, we ate and my message to them “boss you just spoilt your reputation”, it tasted fine but I would never say that was the best thing I had from them, their biryani was better.



Their quarter cutting, is a typical mojito with blue soda and a lot of mint leaves, the promised spice of chilli wasn’t prominent.


I saved the best for the last, their Uttalakadi Girigiri was the most appealing and absolutely amazing drink from Maplai. They have incorporated the Gola ice idea in a glass, it was filled with crushed ice, flavoured with strawberry essence and a hint of spice in between. It took me more time to complete the drink than the time I took to eat my whole meal.




Overall, the prices are nominal but not great on the taste.

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