Cheesy Juicy Burgers


On a very frustrated Monday a big relief came in the form of my colleague when she said “I don’t have lunch, do you want to go out?”, I readily ditched the lunch I packed from home (I love home food too but not today!!) and decided to go to Cheesy juicy burgers.


This restaurant is small and ended even before it began :p, but they have done their place neat! The ambiance is simple with these brick finish walls.

We ordered a plate of french fries with chilli and cheese, The don burger, a chicken regular burger, minted burger and don of veggie burger. While taking the order the waiting staff informed us that the burger will take at least twenty minutes to arrive. Twenty minutes is a long time but it was worth the wait and also we did not want to go in search of a new place.



However, the fries came quickly, all heavily buried under mayonnaise, cheese and red chilli sauce, the fries were not crisp because they came with along with sauces but the fries was amazing, the highly spicy chilli sauce with cheese and fries!!! Ummmmmm

After our twenty minutes wait, the don arrived! the patty of this burger was wrapped with egg omelette topped with cheese and spiced with Indian tandoori seasonings.


The minted burger came next, the specialty was the mint cream used! the other ingredients were crisp onions, cheese and not so fresh cabbage.


The don of veggie burger was something my friend liked, the patty was crisp and made of all vegetables. The regular chicken burger took a few extra minutes to come, the patty was crisp and spiced with herbs and all topped with tomato sauce and cheese.

All the burgers and fries we ordered was good! I wish the place was a little more bigger! The total bill was around INR 750 which is very nominal as one burger fills you up instantly! I am definitely going back here whenever I am craving for burgers 🙂

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