Double Roti


I know Double Roti has carved an inch for itself ever since it opened in Chennai and I must have  tried it way back, but I did not!

My friend wanted to go here for dinner on a Saturday night and did I think twice?? Nope, I did not 😀

We reached here say around 7:30 – 8 so the place was still pretty unoccupied, but as time flew all the tables filled up and there was a waiting queue outside.



The comfortable cushion colourful chairs did make provision for a cosy spot but the tables are kind of closely put where one can easily over hear the conversation in the next table.

Their menu reminded me of school because of their ruled pages clipped to a writing pad, that too a typical brown writing pad! The way they describe everything also brought a smile on my face! especially their “posh maggi”


Our orders were: For starters – Corn fusion quesadilla, Mains – Double trouble burger and the Mexican wave burger, To drink – Killer banana strawberry milkshake and Meloncholy.


The meloncholy was the first to come, it is fresh juice made from watermelon with an addition of basil! My friend liked it but I found it bitter. My Killer banana and strawberry shake came next in a HUGE glass! The chilling in the drink was perfect, not too many ice cubes nor very not cold! Honestly the shake wasn’t killer but it was good! the banana taste started to kick in only after a while, but the strawberry was predominant.


The Quesadilla was awesome with crisp outer and filed with olives, jalapenos, mushrooms, corn and beans.



The mexican wave burger, as the name says it had Mexican taste with tomatoes, juicy chicken patty and lettuce.Tortilla chips was promised with it which I thought will come separately but it was inside the burger which made it obviously soggy after a while. Anyway I liked the burger but I only wish the burger bun was thinner because I felt the presence of bread more than the patty.


Double trouble was made of spicy cottage cheese (Paneer), chipotle mayonnaise and pickles. It was spicy as promised and a good choice for vegetarians.



Everything was served in a frying pan and drinks in mason jars. The bill came in a small garden watering can for INR 1251, which was justifiable for the quality and quantity. I look forward to going here again.



 Double Roti Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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