Chocolate Fantasy

I being the shameless prick I am, the first thing I did after knowing where my firm is going to be situated is to Zomato (a restaurant finding app) all the restaurant places nearby and that’s how Chocolate fantasy caught my eye.



The place is situated right opposite Vidyodaya School and can be missed quite easily. The place looks like a bakery with four tables but has more than just cakes!

We ordered Maple syrup waffles, Red Velvet pudding, Hot Chocolate and a style of fantasy crepe.

First arrival was the waffles looking all pretty with two small pieces of waffles joined by a bridge of cream with ice cream on the top, small pieces of apple and cherry sprinkled and finished with chocolate sauce!



The presentation was commendable but the waffle could have been a tad crispier, it was very soft that combining it with the ice cream and cream made it even more soft! Also maple syrup was not sufficiently poured considering it is “Maple Syrup Waffle”!!

The red velvet pudding looking pretty arrived in a glass cup. Honestly, it was red velvet cake in a glass but the taste was perfect, a lot of cream and then red velvet cake and again cream!


The hot chocolate was not exactly a hit! The chocolate is pasted along the body of the glass and after mixing it with the liquid it initially tasted like hot coffee and after further mixing it tasted well with a flavour of Bournvita.



Last was our Crepe and this was our first attempt with crepes! It was flavoured crepe neatly folded with choco chip and roasted nuts stuffing, bedded with maple syrup and chocolate poured graciously over it. If it was served warm, the taste would have enhanced and made it a wonderful dish! But otherwise the dish was good.



The biggest advantage of this place is their price! Surprisingly affordable rates. Parking space for two-wheelers are available but parking a car would be a problem!


Chocolate Fantasy Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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