MASH is a smashing place to have some amazing food but only food, beware of their very poor service and average décor and ambiance. This place has outdoor seating which looks upon the beach area and an air conditioned inside seating. Since the climate in Chennai was bearable that day we sat outside. But a huge disadvantage sitting outside is that every time you need a waiter you need to go inside to get their attention and tell what we need!! Even water was brought to us only after we asked for it!


From the menu we ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu and a Crumb Fried Fish Burger, from the beverages, Iced chai and Lime mint Freezer. Well the food took them a good twenty minutes to prepare and even the beverages did not come fast!

Iced Chai, we ordered it thinking of the literal translation “Iced tea” but what they gave us was strong black tea with ice in it! Unless you’re a tea lover you’re going to hate it. The lime mint freezer had no taste of lemon it and a very strong taste of mint; it was like freshly grinded mint leaves diluted with cold water and no ice in it! We could barely tolerate our drink and felt it was a waste of money!


The chicken cordon bleu, a French recipe where the chicken breast is stuffed and crumb fried. This was the dish I liked the most!! It was served with fish mayo and coleslaw. I personally did not like the taste of fish mayo but the coleslaw made a great combination to eat with the chicken. When I cut into the chicken there was cheese bubbling out of it! A sight one must see ❤ the crisp chicken and the cheese inside with the coleslaw had an amazing taste.

The fish burger had the fish smell as well as the raw fish taste, which I am very averse to so I did not enjoy that much but the sauce inside with the cheese and the bun all tasted good.



Finally when we wanted dessert and asked for the menu guess what we got!? We got the bill! The waiter himself assumed we wouldn’t eat more :/

We ordered “BURN ME ON”, from “Eater’s Pride Watcher’s Envy” I loved the way they have named it. A good ten minutes later when it was supposed to come the waiter informed us they did not have bananas which they caramelize and use it in the dessert. So he gave us an option of pineapples or onions, we opted for the pineapple!


It took another five ten minutes to arrive! And finally it did in a sizzler plate with caramelized pineapples with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in the middle, but this is not the dramatic part, they pour a portion of alcohol in it which flames up immediately and dies down J The ice cream starts to melt and that’s when one should start but make sure not to burn your tongue!!! You will like it if you like pineapples and caramel. I thoroughly enjoyed the dessert.

In my option, the quantity is less for the price we pay for it. The total cost came to around INR 1000 for a main course, a burger, two beverages and a dessert. I really hope they improve their service and quantity!


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