Mainland China


This place has multiple outlets in the city and all over India, but this is the first time I dined here. The ambiance is simple and classy with wood as its major element. The service is pleasant but catching the attention of the waiting staff is a task which I hope improves.



We decided to go with the buffet menu, so we were told the starters and soup would be served to us. The first dish which came to us was the cottage cheese, crisp on the outer but not soft in the inside. The chicken fry next which was a very normal dish. But the fish they served was awesome with an “A”, soft on the inside dipped in the lite gravy with the lite spice won my heart, I am not a sea food lover because of the smell and the fear of raw taste, but this dish was soo good that I wanted more! They had potato crisp fries which wasn’t at its best. Finally, the chicken dim-sums, shaped in small canon shaped, was served with mustard sauce and another sauce which I’m not aware of! I only wish it was served hot. This was the end of starters, the waiter asked if we wanted a repeat of any of the starters. The soup was served next which I took two spoonful and did not wish to continue.




The main course here pleasantly surprised me! generally a buffet place has the best starters and desserts but not the best of main course by means of taste. I liked the main course equally, they had chicken, prawns and crab gravy with noodles or/and fried rice! the prawns were really big and tasted fresh. The fried rice was bit let down but their noodles made up for it!



The last episode I was eagerly waiting for was the “DESSERTS”, they had watermelon and papaya for the healthy eaters, they had lemon mousse, where the lemon took over the cream, which wasn’t a pleasant battle in the world of taste! Chocolate cake, all creamy and showing off how soft it was! Chocolate cookie, which was not so good! A coconut roll with its own thick sauce which was good and different, but try it only if u like coconut, and Darshan dessert which is honey dipped crispy noodles with sesame seeds lightly sprinkled over it!

They had normal flavours of ice-cream, Vanilla, Chocolate and strawberry but dont be disappointed they had different thick syrups laid next to it, make sure you make the best combinations and enjoy your ice cream, I had Vanilla with Mango syrup which was a different heaven for me!


Since I went with my family here they found the price very cheap, otherwise I honestly wouldn’t have stepped inside!!

On the whole, not everything here is great but one can definitely find diamonds among a lot of other metals!

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