Classic Rock Coffee Co.


Love Coffee? Well, this place boasts about it! Classic rock coffee company in Kalyani Nagar, Pune, is not a place to go only if you love coffee. They are like this multi-talented, all-rounder on the field who hosts stand-up comedy shows, have a dance floor where Salsa dancing happens, they are pet friendly, outdoor seating place, live sports screening, in-house camera person etc etc!

We went here to try their Coffee collection but honestly the hype about the coffee in this place is overrated. I don’t mean to say their coffee is bad, they were good, they were named quirkily in the menu card, but their taste does not put an “eternally remembered” mark with me!

We had a Great White Buffalo Frappe, Mocha Choca Latte Frappe, Dirty White Boy Frappe and Sister Hazelnut Frappe. The best was the Mocha Choca Latte Frappe, thick consistency with the right amount of bitterness in the coffee! Any coffee lover will go Ga-Ga over it! The rest tasted like regular cold coffees! (Completely personal opinion)



We dint come here to have dinner or lunch so we just had their starters Crunchy Chicken and Spanish hot sauce baby potato. The food came within reasonable time; since the IPL cricket match was on we weren’t bothered much about when the food will be served!
Since this is a huge place getting hold of a waiter is a mammoth task! We liked the chicken, it was just the way it was described “crisp” and loved it! But the baby potato was too spicy for my friends but I found it normal spicy!

You cannot focus on the person with whom your spending time with here because a lot of things are happening and you don’t actually talk to each other! So not a place to know the other person better but a fun place to hang out with friends and family!

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