Easy Tiger

I was meeting my friend and we were supposed to go to Smally’s, since it was crowded we went up thinking it’s the same place but till the bill came we did not realize that we were actually at easy tiger and not smally’s 😦 Smally’s menu is made available with easy tiger as well!




This place has circus theme all over the wall, high tables, light bulbs hanging around, and have board games like scrabble. From easy tiger menu we ordered Cream of veg soup and fries, from Smally’s Chickaboo chicken burger and Smally’s fried chicken. They did not have their Smally’s brownie shake 😦


The service is alright but the lady was too eager to take away the menu from us all the time! the food arrived soon. The soup was served with garlic bread, the consistency was thick and had tiny tiny cut vegetables. The garlic bread with the creamy soup and presence of vegetables all made a good combination and it fills you up significantly. The fried chicken is simply deep fried served with mayonnaise, it wasn’t juicy nor tender!


Their Chickaboo burger was at its best! Potato chips accompanied the burger. Full pieces of chicken dipped in gravy with mayonnaise was placed on a leafy cabbage leaf.They all tasted great especially with the chips.


French fries was thick and not so crisp and at the end we found a dead mosquito on our plate 😦 We were too busy talking we did not know if it was already present or fell on our plate later on!


It is a nice place to sit and relax!
Easy Tiger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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