Want to taste South Indian food?

Want to try the authentic breakfast dishes from the south?

Head to Mahamudra, in Mylapore, Chennai. The place is decorated with thoranam (made from coconut tree leaves) which south Indians use to decorate their houses with on auspicious days; traditional lamps are hung around the place which gives a very traditional look to the whole place!!IMG_20160502_090330122

The breakfast menu is simple and has limited choices. We chose to have Idilis (rice cakes), roasted dosa and what is a Tamil breakfast without the traditional filter coffee!!

There was only one person who was taking orders as well as serving them, so the service was really slow, but my friend who has already been here said there are more people for service in the evenings.


So after all the time the restaurant people gave us to bond, our food finally came! The idili were called mali poo idili (mali poo – jasmine flowers, they mean to say their idilis are as soft as jasmine flowers), but when I had them they weren’t even close to what they described, they were quiet hard. But on the bright side, the sambar (lentil stew) and coconut chutney (paste) they served tasted really good. Especially the sambar has a very homely attachment to it, which is how sambar mostly tastes in a Brahmin’s house.

roast dosa

The roasted dosa arrived in style. A long foot dosa which makes you doubt if you have the appetite to finish it. The dosa was crisp and roasted to perfection. The coffee came last; they gave the sugar separately with an option of brown sugar or a low calorie sugar substitute. The brown sugar inside was damp!!

Overall, the ambiance in this place is good but the food is not totally its strength.


the bill box

Mahamudra Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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