Mahlzeit- Berlin Street Food

We ended up in this place by accident but this accident was the best thing happened to me that day!! Berlin street food?? never had a clue what was it like and was too excited to try it out.IMG_20160409_143644364_HDR


I loved their outdoor seating made up with vibrant colours and plants, they did not have a particular type of seating and they even have a place for your pet dog!!
We started with Lemsi which caught my fancy, but it was simply a packet of lemon flavoured lassi served in a glass, but the drink was good to quench my thirst.

We moved on to order their Chicken Doner,a very crisply grilled triangular bread pocket filled with grilled chicken pieces and white and a lite orange doner sauce with cucumber, tomatoes, onions and cabbage!! OMG the crisp bread with all the fresh vegetables and chicken it is one taste I wont forget!!

Next we wanted to try their Wurst (I had no clue it meant “sausage”) and confused between their currywurst and bratwurst. When asked to the management person which one he would recommend, he was very kind to suggest that he would give half and half portions of each dish so that we could taste both 🙂

Bratwurst had carmalized onions and mustard sauce which had a very Indian flavour and Currywurst was made with a red curry sauce and served with bread. I, personally liked the currywurst more.
The portions might look not so big but they are very filling. I would recommend this place to everyone who is looking for something different to eat than the normal cuisines.

Mahlzeit - Berlin Street Food Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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