I have no clue what to title this post as! this post is not one of my regular posts about food! I never thought this day would come, today was my last day of a five year long college in Pune. A very emotional day for me, too many good-byes for me to take 😦

This city is so special to me and will forever stay very close to my heart. I moved to this city when I was 17! too eager to live away from home.. little did I know about the pain and difficulties you face when your away from the comfort of your home, care and protection of your family, especially for a person who did not know Hindi and Marathi! worse I couldn’t even differentiate between them! I had no clue if the person talking to me in Marathi was yelling at me or that was the way he normally speaks!

I still remember the first day I met my roommate, so strange it was to sleep in the same room with two strangers. But they took all the efforts to make me like my hostel life! Calming me down when I had to eat pohe and sabudana khichadi, dishes I have never heard of before and when I missed my dear Dosa Sambar! When there was no hot water to bathe with, when there was too much hostel politics and many more! They made their best efforts to teach me Hindi, well they did succeed to some extent πŸ™‚

My roommate and I continued to be roommates for four long years! my heart crumbled when I had to move out of the hostel in my last year due to my choice and circumstances! I was looking forward to be with her in our final year. She is the strong one, my stylist, my psyche and probably the best person to ask how I would react to a situation more than myself! Β We would spend hours in Mac Donald’s catching up like we are meeting after years but in reality we would have just met in college an hour or two back! I love you girl! Your the best thing happened to me in these five years and the reason why I’m still sane.

My other friend with whom we were roommates with for two years, is the perfect example for “looks are deceptive”, we call her “tiny creature” but she is the encyclopedia who has knowledge of everything right from Bollywood to history to movies to politics, like everything!

This city has let me to live life on my terms, finding myself, what I love and never realised it all my life! There is major changes in me from the day I shifted here till date! I’m not claiming to be the perfect person, I have become better as well as worse but I do not regret one bit of who I have become! It was a five long years of vacation for me, roaming the streets of Pune aimlessly, hogging in every street food place possible claiming to be broke (which is pretty much always!), visiting places close to Pune on weekdays and dying to come before the hostel curfew! Sleeping at 5- 6 a.m. and coming to college at 7:15 in the morning and sitting in class and waiting desperately for the bell to ring so that we can go back and sleep! Fun times πŸ™‚

Most of the people were sad that college is ending because they did not know what they will be doing in the future! I was not sad because I am not sure of the future I am sad because I know this time will never ever come back to me.

I will miss place very much! every time I go home I go happily because I knew I will come back to this place to my extended family! But this time it is different, It will never be the same again. Everything is going to change drastically that I have to start again from Scratch.

I will miss the lanes, the parks, the breakfast places where we eat fast so that we don’t miss our lectures, swimming, the food joints, pohe, the rude auto drivers, my college, my lecturers, my warden, my mess Bhaiya, my PG aunty, my Dhaba aunty, the Dal, the rotis, my friends, my free time, the cool winters, the interactions I have with people from different states and languages and wondering how cool India is! and every other thing I cannot think of right now! This post does not sum up all the memories I have created in these past five years but just the gist!

I owe every bit of the free spirited person I am to this city, my college, my hostel and pg and to my friends! Cheers πŸ™‚


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