Corn Club

If your a person who simply loves and adores corn, this is you nirvana! The only special ingredient for every dish in the menu is CORN. This place is not very difficult to find as it is situated in the main road.

The place is not great on ambiance, it is majorly coloured yellow! One has to order and either chose to sit outside where tables are put or one can go upstairs where there are more tables. This place has been improvised from how I remember them for the past 4 years. We need to collect our order when our order number pops up in the screen.

Just taking a look at their menu it can be easily concluded that they are not perfect for a full course lunch or dinner place but more of a snacks place, though they have rice too they are more ideal for their lite bites.

I’m a fan of their momos but they din’t have them this time 😦 so we settled for my other favourites baby corn fingers and corn cheese bites. To try something new, we ordered corn augatin and tikki chat.

I went down in less than ten minutes to collect all my orders!!! We were served with schezwan  sauce. They serve their food in arecanut plates, a very eco-friendly way of serving food!!

Their Baby corn fingers were awesome as usual!! Well it is a dish which is deep fried so people who are concerned about their diet cant really enjoy it! Their corn cheese bites are nothing but just corn pieces mixed with cheese deep fried into balls making it a first class comfort food!!


The Corn Augatin is mashed potatoes in creamy white sauce with vegetables like carrot and peas and covered with melted cheese. The dish tastes slightly on the bland side.


The tikki chat was the least of all the four dishes there. It had the typical ingredients of potatoes, corn, very ripe pudina (mint) chutney, sev and covered with dahi (curd).


And all these four dishes had handsome quantity and more than plenty for two of us! The prices are really nominal and you can stop by this place any time of the day for a quick bite!

Corn Club Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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