A humble paradise for all the egg lovers out there, is situated in the ever happening karishma society, kothrud. This society provides shelter to a multiple restuarants, amongst those is Yolkshire!

The specialty of this place is that the base of every dish is EGG! Except the pastas they serve here!! It is typically known as breakfast place because of the wide range of omelettes they serve here. But they have other dishes too which has a lot of innovation with infusion, which makes me smile so wide.

This is a small joint with two tables inside and around six tables outside. Their service is also not up to the mark but their food stops us from complaining.    IMG_20160124_195250501[1]

We started off with “Corn Cheese Fold over” and “Portobello Fold over”. The food was on our table within 10- 15 minutes. A basket of toasted brown bread was served with it.

The corn cheese fold over is typically omelette with corn and hot cheese stuffed in the inside. I loved the way the taste of corn and cheese mingled with each other. They also served it with boiled potatoes and with a sweet corn tangy sauce. When ordering you can tell them how many eggs you want in your omelette, regular, medium or large.

Portobello fold over is also omelette with mushroom stuffing. The mushroom is cooked with a slight hint of white sauce. This was also served with boiled potatoes and the same sweet corn tangy sauce. The taste was good but personally I felt the mushroom did not compliment the omelette as contrasting flavours, but rather they almost tasted the same!!


Finally, we ordered Mac and Cheese Pasta!! they describe it as “cheese, cheese, cheese with macaroni infused with nutmeg topped with tomatoes and baked”. All i can say is they stick to their word!  It arrived in a small boat shaped porcelain wear with two garlic breads on each side! It was covered with melted cheese and tomatoes! I simply couldn’t resist waiting any longer and started to dig in!! The pasta was perfectly cooked and all covered with cheese… it can easily be nominated as a comfort food.

Other than all these they have pancakes, crepes and waffles and beverages!! A very pocket friendly place and a must visit for all the egg lovers! This place is apt for the quote I read somewhere, “Don’t spend your money on possessions spend it on experiences!!”

Yolkshire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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